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A very warm welcome to Havva Yoga

My name is Havva Goldring, I am a 30 year old Turkish Cypriot devoted to Yoga.

I am an ex-Police officer and was one of the first officers on scene during the London riots. My Police patrol vehicle was set on fire and I witnessed the raw negative side of human nature, my own life was at risk. This experience lay heavy on my heart and caused me to feel hurt.

My dedication to my practice and stepping onto my mat daily, not always for asana, sometimes I would just sit or meditate was what got me through my heartache. My practice brought joy into my life and helped me to focus, live in the moment and this is one of the reasons why I decided to complete my teacher training course, so I can help others have the benefits of yoga.

From the moment I stepped onto my yoga mat I immediately knew this is where I belong.

I have been a dedicated Yogini for many years. My personal committed practice is Ashtanga, I love the dynamic flow of the practice and base my Vinyasa flow classes with an Ashtanga influence.

I am a registered teacher with the Yoga Alliance having completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course with Heather Elton. I have also completed a 200-hour Ashtanga Teacher Training course with the world renowned John Scott and Lucy Crawford Scott. I am trained to teach the traditional Yogic teachings incorporating Sanskrit count to lead my class through their practice.

I am also registered as a 500 hour Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance having completed an advanced teacher training course in Goa, India, learning advanced vinyasa flow techniques as well as Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama techniques to help surrender the mind to stillness.

I am also Pregnancy Yoga trained having completed my Pregnancy Teacher Training course with Beverly Nolan and Rachel Moore at Camyoga Cambridge.

I am a forever student and always willing to expand my knowledge and develop my own personal practice both as a student and teacher be it workshops, retreats or my endless yogic library.

Yoga is a great healer for mind, body and spirit, when practiced daily both on and off the mat the many and endless positive benefits quickly unfold and blossom in each individual.

Love, kindness and compassion play a huge role in my daily life. I love to keep my classes positive and energised with plenty of laughter, joy and fun built around the dynamic and strong pace of my classes, incorporating the right attitude to enjoy a high level practice without losing sense of being able to have fun!

Part of my yogic lifestyle incorporates Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga.

Click to read about Patanjali’s Eight limbs of Yoga

Patanjali’s Eight limbs of Yoga – The Indian sage Patanjali is believed to have created the practice of Yoga into the Yoga sutra an estimated 2,000 years ago. The sutra is a collection of statements that serves as a philosophical guidebook for most of the Yoga that is practiced today. It also contains the Eight Limbs of Yoga, which is a set of ethical guidelines to follow in order to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. Our minds wonder on a daily basis and at times can be overwhelming. Sometimes it is good to just be, to exist and focus on the real rather than what could be. Following these basic rules helps open your heart and mind to the world and to appreciate the things we may sometimes take for granted.

Limb 1

Yama – External disciplines

  • Ahimsa – non harming
  • Satya – truthfulness
  • Asteya – not stealing
  • Brahmacarya – impeccable behavior
  • Aparigraha – non hoarding

Limb 2

Niyama – Internal disciplines. Self observation, cleansing and purifying the mind of all restraints.

  • Sauca – cleanliness
  • Santosa – contentment
  • Tapas – intense discipline
  • Svadhyaya – self study
  • Isvara Pranidhana – surrender

Limb 3

Asana – posture.

Limb 4

Pranayama – breath.

Limb 5

Pratyahara – withdrawal of senses.

Limb 6

Dharana – Concentration

Limb 7

Dhyana – a state of meditation

Limb 8

Samadhi – state of oneness. Enlightenment.

You could say these are ethical guidelines regarding moral behaviour and are vital to achieve a fulfilling life.

Be thankful, life is one amazing journey, love always and in return it will guide you to eternal bliss.


Om Shanti

Havva xx

Holding someone upMy Teaching Style

I am a dedicated, kind and compassionate teacher with a flexible approach to Yoga practice. I teach Vinyasa flow classes ranging in difficulty from gentle to a more dynamic fast paced class, Ashtanga Led classes as taught by my teacher (Traditional Ashtanga led class where the student is counted through a set sequence as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the creator of Ashtanga Yoga. This class incorporates both breath with movement building internal heat in the body resulting in cleansing and detoxifying both body and mind. The many benefits of Ashtanga practice is that it builds strength, stamina and tones the entire body, it also calms the mind and focuses our attention internally leading to a state of eternal bliss) and I also teach Pregnancy Yoga for expectant mothers in their second trimester onwards.

My passion for Yoga is deep rooted and brings such joy into my life. I love the dynamic flow of Ashtanga practice, the energy created from combining breath, posture and focusing attention within takes me to where I need to be at that present moment. My asana practice leaves me energised, focused, relaxed, and ready to live the day. Yoga brings awareness to yourself and makes you more open minded allowing love, kindness and compassion shine through in all that you do.

I dedicate my practice to some of the influential teachers I have had the greatest honour in learning from including John Scott, Lucy Crawford Scott, Debbie Blunden, Heather Elton and Shelley Osman.

From teaching complete beginners to mixed levels I ensure my students always maintain good alignment and control within their practice. I also teach yoga to help people suffering from depression, trauma, stress and anxiety. I am always looking at new ways to deepen my practice and develop further skills to help aid my teachings.

Yoga is not just about achieving the perfect body, yes there are many benefits of asana (posture) practice such as weight loss, toned body, and increase in strength and flexibility, and overall health and wellness, yoga is much more than physical appearance and asana practice. It is about bringing awareness to the self and accepting you for who you truly are. Let go of your hurt and allow love, kindness and compassion into your heart, to live in the moment…Laugh…Smile.

Correct alignment is very important for a safe practice and avoiding injury. I ensure each asana practiced by my students is conducted using the correct method for each individual, taking into account their needs and abilities at that time.

With correct alignment comes controlled breathing, breathing is as essential to life as it is to asana practice. Being mindful of your breath ensures you have a safe effective practice, maximising the posture and minimising injury to yourself. Learning pranayama (extension of prana or breath) opens up doors to endless possibilities.

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