There will be no classes between Friday 13th – Sunday 29th July as I am off on Holiday! See you when i’m back.


Drop in Yoga £14 per class

6 Class pass £75

Private classes available

6:15 pm
7:00 pm
7:15 pm

Read about each type of yoga below

Hatha Flow Yoga

Suitable for all levels

A guided asana (posture) practice focusing on using Pranayama (breath) and movement through each asana to align and focus the mind, body and spirit. These classes are designed to provide the right balance of relaxation and asana to help build strength and flexibility in the body, whilst focusing on the mind and tuning into the spirit to bring the senses into the present moment, into the self to provide focus and strength within to help us become stronger in our daily lives.

Ashtanga Counted Yoga

Suitable for all levels

A challenging set sequence of postures as developed by Sri K Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga Yoga is a more dynamic practice linking each breath to movement, using energy locks (bandhas) within the body to float from each asana. The practice is designed to build heat within the body using Ujjayi breath to cleanse and detoxify the body both internally and externally. Ashtanga Yoga tunes into our inner senses, stilling the mind to bring about inner peace and at the same time providing a strong foundation and focus to our surroundings.

Ashtanga Self Practice

Suitable for all levels

Also known as Mysore, students progress through the traditional Ashtanga primary series at their own pace (as opposed to a led class where the teacher counts you through the asanas). This is the most traditional method of teaching Yoga through teacher direct to student, allowing the teacher to provide a more hands on approach to posture adjustments. Students are expected to memorise each posture they are given and are to practice each asana before being moved onto the next pose by their teacher when they are ready.

Self practice classes are designed to suit the needs of each individual student and at the same time I find this style of practice unites students into a safe and sacred space where they can practice alongside each other sharing their wonderful energy.

Gentle Yoga

Suitable for all levels

A calming and soothing Yoga practice designed to help relax and renew the body, quieting the mind, body and spirit. A more gentle paced flow to encourage the body to open and release any areas of tension or anxieties our daily lives can take. This class focuses on relaxation, pranayama, meditation and chanting to bring the senses alive and awaken the inner divinity within us all.

Pregnancy Yoga

Suitable for those in the second trimester onwards

A perfect blend of asana practice as well as postures to avoid during pregnancy, Relaxation, Meditation and Pranayama techniques to carry you throughout your pregnancy and delivering your baby. You will be guided through postures to provide ease and comfort during pregnancy, breathing techniques to manage pain and anxiety that may arise during pregnancy and in labour. Focus on breath awareness to provide inner calmness and control throughout your pregnancy as well as many other practices to help throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Beginners Hatha Yoga

Suitable for beginners in Yoga

Aimed at beginners in Yoga, classes are designed at a slower pace than a Vinyasa flow class and focuses on students learning how to safely enter and exit postures, alignment throughout poses and learning pranayama techniques as well as meditation and relaxation. Classes are designed to build confidence in your Yoga practice and to build strength and a more open mind, body and spirit.

Monthly Meditation and Guided Relaxation Classes

Suitable for all levels.

A guided Meditation and Relaxation class suitable for anyone interested in relaxing, de-stressing and connecting with their inner self. Meditation enables you to become more grounded and conscious in the present moment as well as providing the necessary tools to help with sleep and general well-being. Classes are designed to quieten the mind providing powerful tools to help reduce any stress, anxiety or tension that builds within the body during our every day lives. As we begin to expand our consciousness we connect to our internal senses to become more stress free, focused, open minded, and aware which enables us to make better life choices and to live a calmer, quieter, worry free life. As we allow our bodies to settle into stillness our immune system strengthens, mental clarity is obtained and our mood improves.

Or Alternatively

If you feel that you require a more personal touch or a head start on your Yoga practice, contact me for private one to one classes where I will provide you with more intense bespoke practice catered for your own personal need and ability. This is also one of the most traditional ways of learning Yoga from teacher to student.